Property Projects That Will Make Your Shrine ShineProperty Projects That Will Make Your Shrine Shine

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Property Projects That Will Make Your Shrine Shine

Home improvement projects are a great way to increase the eye appeal of your property, and even to increase its value. But this doesn't mean that you have to invest in costly remodeling projects or new constructions. A simple paint job (using the right colors) and some landscaping projects are just a couple of effective ways to make your home shine. As a property manager, I understand first hand what it takes to set a home apart from the neighboring crowd – so I started this blog in hopes that I can inspire others to plan their own fun projects in and around their homes. Let this site be your guide to a new and improved palace!


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Know Your Options For Eliminating Your Mice Invaders

Mice are a potential dangerous invader to your home, since these small rodents can spread disease through their urine and fecal matter. However, before you go to war with these little invaders, you need to know how to deal with them in the most effective manner. You also need to be prepared to use several methods for eliminating them because some mice will find a way around your home's new defenses.

Kill Traps

Your first line of defense will be to use kill traps, also known as snap traps. With these traps, you place bait on the trigger. When the traps are activated, a metal bar snaps close on the mice, killing them quickly.

When using this option, it is important that you place the traps in the pathway of the mice. Since mice use their sense of smell to guide them, you want to locate their urine line, because this line helps them find their way around your home. The urine line will have an oily look that can be a yellowish or light brown color.

You also need to choose bait that will attract the mice. Cheese is a classic option, but this substance molds easily. One alternative is to use peanut butter because it has a strong odor and mice enjoy the taste.

Natural Options

You can use a number of different natural options to deter and eliminate mice. Essential peppermint oil is a good option. The smell is extremely strong, and most mice want to get away from the odor. It is best to place the oil in different locations throughout your home, especially the places where the mice have been seen.

Another natural option you have is to place dehydrated mashed potato flakes around the urine line or near the traps. When mice eat the flakes, their bodies add moisture to them and the flakes expand. This action causes the stomach of the mouse to expand past its capabilities, which kills the mouse because the stomach ruptures.

Professional Help

If you are having a difficult time eliminating the mice from your home, your next option is to call for reinforcements. In some cases, you need professional help removing mice from your home since these critters can adapt quickly and learn to bypass your traps.

In this situation, the pest control technician will devise a new plan for eliminating the mice. The technician will generally use traps along with pesticides to kill or repel the mice. With their help, and by using some of the other options, you will have a better defense strategy for getting rid of your mice problem.

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